No Tengo Dinero.
4-wall line dance - 32 counts - Intermediate.
Music by: les umbrellas, No Tengo dinero.
Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn, Shana Louis Dirks.

Rockstep, back side, front, Rockstep, Back side front

1 Step out RF to the right to three O’Clock
2 Recover on LF
3 RF backwards LF
& Step out LF to nine O’Clock
4 Cross RF in front of LF
5 Step out LF on nine O’Clock
6 Recover on RF
7 LF back RF
& RF step out to three O’Clock,
8 Cross LF in front of RF

Kickball turn, hip movement, shuffle, step turn hitch

1 Kick your RF to 12 O’Clock
& Turn a quarter on you right shoulder and put your weight on your RF
2 Put you weight on your LF
3 Move your left hip to 12 O’Clock
& Move your right hip to 6 O’Clock
4 Move your left hip to 12 O’Clock
5&6 Shuffle to 6 O’Clock, right, left, right
7 Step out your LF to 6 O’Clock
8 Turn a quarter to 9 O’Clock over your right shoulder, while doing this, hitch op your right knee

Step hitch, step hitch, step hitch, shuffle

1 Step out on your right to 12 O’Clock, but face 9 O’Clock
2 Turn a quarter over your left shoulder, while doing this, hitch up your left knee
3 Turn a quarter over your left shoulder and step out on LF and face 12 O’Clock
4 Hitch up your right knee
5 Step out on your RF, face nine O’Clock
6 Hitch up your left knee, face 6 O’Clock
7&8 Shuffle, left, right, left

Rock ronde, sailor step, sailor step

1 Rock step on your right
2 Recover on left, while doing this start ronde with your RF, turning a quarter over your right
shoulder, face 9 O’Clock
& Put your RF next to your LF, face nine O’Clock
3 Cross LF in front of RF
4 Step out RF, face 9 O’Clock
5 LF backwards your RF
& RF next to LF
6 Step out on LF, face 9 O ‘Clock
& RF backwards to LF
7 LF next to RF
& Step out on RF, face 9 O ‘Clock
8 Put LF next to RF

While being in the sixth wall, at count 16 you will get a little break. Step right, left and break for 4 counts and start all over.