Sexual Healing
A 4-wall line dance : 32 counts
Choreographed by : Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk
Motion : Smooth Funky
Category : Newcomer/Novice
Music : Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and Shaggy

Step out, point, step out point, step in place,kick ¼ turn (make these steps funky)

1 Step LF to the side
2 Point Right toe crosswise over left foot
3 Step RF to right side
4 Point Left toe crosswise over right foot
5 Step back on LF
6 Kick right foot to left side forward(21.00)
7 Kick right foot to right side backwards(15.00)
8 Turn ¼ Right pull RF next to LF

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Swivel, ¼ turn left Swivel(make these steps smooth)

1 Walk LF forward
2 Walk RF Forward
3&4 Shuffle L,R,L Forward
5 Swivel RF
6 ¼ turn left Swivel LF
7&8 Swivel RF twice

Swivels, Hold with motion(make these steps smooth)

1 Swivel LF
2 Swivel RF
3&4 Swivel LF twice
5&6&7&8 Weight on LF Hanging Backwards en Swivel right foot(all in Place)

Kickball cross(funky),Out in out(funky), ¼ left, step in place

1 Kick RF forward
& Step back on RF
2 Cross LF over Right
3 Jump out on both feet (while doing this, bend your knees to the outside)
& Junp out on Both Feet (while doing this, bend your knees to the inside)
4 out on both feet (while doing this, bend your knees to the outside)
5 Step RF ¼ turn left
& Weight on RF bend LF(bodyroll make this one smooth)
6 Weight on RF bend Rigth Leg
7 Push off on RF, Weigth ends on LF
8 Pull RF next to LF( Handmovement like you pull yourself on a rope funky)

Start all over again.
(Dance starts 12.00 next wall at 21.00)