Level/counts: 32 count, Intermediate/Advanced
Walls: 4 Wall
Choreographed by: Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, Darren Bailey
Music: Hal Ketchum - Loving you makes me a better man. Other music suggestion, Ilse De lange – World of hurt.

Step, rock, recover, step, hold, step, ¼ turn sweep, reverse sailor step with a ¼ turn

1-2 Step Lf to L side, Rock back onto Rf
3-4 Recover onto Lf, Step Rf forward
5-6 hold, Step forward onto Lf
7 Rock back onto whilst sweeping Lf from front to back making a ¼ turn L
8&1 Step Lf behind R & Step Rf across Lf, Step forward on Lf making ¼ turn L (6 o’clock)

Press, twist and lock, unwind full turn, sweep, sailor step with a ¼ turn

2-3 Press step Rf forward (taking weight onto ball of foot with knee bent), hold
4&5 Twist hip to the R & replace weight onto Lf, Lock Rf behind Lf
6-7 Unwind making a full turn R, Sweep Rf from front to Back
8&1 Step Rf behind Lf making a ¼ turn R & Step Lf next to Rf, Step forward on Rf (3 o’clock)

Walk, walk, walk, spiral turn, walk, walk, sweep with a ¼, press step

2-3 Step forward on Lf, Step forward on Rf
4-5 Step forward on Lf, Make a full turn R ending with feet crossed (weight on Lf)
6-7 Step forward on Rf, Step forward on Lf
8-1 Sweep Rf from back to front making a ¼ turn L, press step Rf forward (taking weight onto ball of foot with knee bent)

Weight change, rock, recover, scuff, hitch, cross, full turn

2-3 Replace weight onto Lf, Rock back onto Rf
4&5 Recover onto Lf & scuff Rf forward, Hitch R knee in the air whilst making a ¼ trun L (9 o’clock)
6-7 Step Rf down across Lf, Start making a slow full turn to L
8 Complete full turn to L ending with feet crossed (weight on Rf).

Dance with passion and enjoy…..