Mustang Sally
Choreographed by: Roy Verdonk, Mattias Perkio.
Level: 32 count begginner dance
Music: Mustang Sally (the commitments)

Walks x2, anchor step, sweeps backwards, 1/4 turn L, coaster step.
1-2 Step forward on Rf, Step forward on Lf
3&4 Step Rf behind Lf (3rd Pos) & Step Lf in place on the spot, Step Rf in place on the spot whilst sweeping LF front to back.
5 Step Lf backwards whilst sweeping Rf from front to back
6& Step Rf backwards whilst sweeping Lf from front to back & make a ¼ turn L on ball of Rf
7&8 Step back on Lf & close Rf next to Lf, step forward onto Lf

Diagonal steps x2 R, x2 L(Shake everything you got on these diagonal steps)
1-2 Step Rf diagonally forward (10;30), Step Lf next to Rf
3-4 Step Rf diagonally forward (10;30), Touch Lf next to Rf
5-6 Step Lf diagonally forward (7;30), Step Rf next to Lf
7-8 Step Lf diagonally forward (7;30), Touch Rf next to Lf

Jump out and cross, ½ turn L, walks R, L, Sailor step with ½ turn R
&1&2 & Step Rf out to R side, step Lf out to L side & Step Lf in again, cross Rf over Lf
3-4 Start turning ½ turn L on balls of both feet, finish turn (weight ends on Lf)
5-6 Step forward on Rf, Step forward on Lf
7&8 Step Rf behind Lf making a ¼ turn R & make a ¼ turn L whilst stepping Lf to L side, Step forward on Rf

Walks x4(optional Boogie walks, rolling knees out), jump out, heel taps x3
1-2 Step forward on Lf, Step forward on Rf
3-4 Step forward on Lf, Step forward on Rf
&5 & Step Lf to L side, Step Rf to R side
6-7-8 Tap both heels on the floor 3 times (weight ends on Lf)

Enjoy the dance!