Just a Dance

Choreography: Roy Verdonk(nl) Country Dynamics(nl)

Music: Kust a dance, Denorah Cox(cd The morning after)

4 wall 32 count(prased) linedance

Level: intermediate

Note: Start dance with feet shoulderwidth apart(starting wall is 12 o'clock)

Look over shoulder(2x), Kick ball cross, step right, lock behind/hitch

1 Turn upper body to right and look back over right shoulder

2 Turn upper body front wall again(12 o'clock)

3 Turn upper body to left and look back over left shoulder

4 Turn upper body front wall again(12 o'clock), ending with weight on your LF

5 RF kick diagonally right forward

& RF step in place next to LF

6 LF cross in front of RF

7 RF step to right side

8 Lf lock behind RF, while hitching right knee at the same time

(styling note on count 8, while doing your left lockstep your pushing your right knee up at the same time, optional: you can spread your hands with your palms to the front at waist level at the same time your hitching your right knee)

Sailor right, sailor left(with 1/4 turn left), walk R,L rock forward and together

9 RF lock behind LF

& LF step to left side

10 RF step to right side

11 LF lock behind RF

& RF step to right side and make 1/4 left on baal of RF

12 LF step forward( 9 o'clock)

13 RF step forward

14 LF step forward

15 RF rock forward

& LF recover

16 RF touch next to LF

(Styling note count 15: throw your arms upwards, while bending your elbows-looks like your throwing something over your shoulders. Count &: bring your arms down again next to your body> Count 16: pul your fists upwards into your "armpits", like an angry mama waiting for her late son to come home again from a party)

Make a full turn over right shoulder travelling tothe left, end with hop

17 RF make small step to right side, whilst lifting LF of the floor

18 LF step down in place and make half turn over right shoulder on ball of LF (3 o'clock)

19 RF step to right side and make a half turn over right shoulder on ball of RF (9 o'clock)

20 LF step to left side, whilst touching RF next to LF( see this as a hop to left side)

Vine to right, with 1/4 turn right, two hops, with 1/4 turn right

21 RF step to right side

22 LF lock behind RF

23 Make a 1/4 turn on ball of LF and step RF forward( 12 o'clock)

&24 Make two hops forward, whilst making a 1/4 turn right( ending with weight on RF, 9 o'clock)

side rockstep, recover, lock behind and cross in front, out/out, roll hips anti-clockwise

25 LF rockstep to left side(head looks to left side)

26 RF recover( head look to front)

27 LF lock behind RF

& RF step to right side

28 LF cross in front of RF

& RF step out to right side

29 LF step out to left side

30 Hold and look to the left side

31&32 Roll your hips anti-clockwise for two counts


HAVE FUN, IT'S just a Dance