Choreographed by Roy Verdonk (NL) Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) Matt Jenkins (UK-NL)
Choreographed to: Body 2 Body by Samantha Mumba
Description: 32 Count, 4 Wall, Int/Adv line Dance

Counts Description

1-8 Slow Walk L, R - Step Out Out, Arm Movements
1-4 (1-2) Step forward on left foot, angle body left, lifting arms up from waist level to shoulder level (3-4) Step forward on right foot, angle body right, lifting arms up from waist level to shoulder level
5-6 (5) Step out on left foot, also pushing right arm forward with palm facing down. (6) Step out on right foot, also pushing left arm forward with palm facing down
7&8 (7) push right arm slightly down and left arm slightly up whilst finger tips remain in the same place, (&) bring arms back together as face down in front of you. (8) bring both arms out to the sides [As if waiting to hug someone]

9-16 Arm movements, Walk x2, ½ turn with hip roll
9-10 (9) Bring right hand around head starting over the left ear, around the back to the right ear, (10) then continue to present open hand across your body to the left.
11-12 (11) Turn hand and push slightly away from your body until arm is straight in front (12) then pull arm back and under towards your side, and out again whilst turning ¼ to the right, you are now presenting an open hand forward.
13-14 (13) Step forward on left (14) then right
15-16 (15-16) Roll hips around as you turn ½ over left shoulder

17-24 Sit, Stand, Sit, Stand, Walk x2, Anchor Step (Shoulder Pumps)
17-20 (17) Push weight back onto right foot (sit) (18) Push weight up and forward onto left foot (19) Push weight back onto right foot (sit) (20) Push weight up and forward onto left foot.
21-22 (21) Step forward on right (22) step forward on left angling body slightly to the right.
23&24 (23) Step right foot behind left keeping the angle of the body to the right. (&) Step left in place whilst pushing left shoulder down and right shoulder up (24) step right foot back whilst pushing left shoulder up and right shoulder down (you have now turned ¼ to the right)

25-32 Lock behind, POSE, unwind 3/4 Walk x3, Heel swivels

&25-26 (&) step left slightly behind right (25) cross right over left [Whilst right arm bent up and over head and left arm bent across body] (26) POSE
27-28 (27-28) Unwind ¾ turn over left shoulder
29-31 (29-31) Walk forward, right, left, right
&32 (&) swivel right and left heels out at the same time, also holding top of head with right hand pull downwards to the right shoulder (32) Bring heels to center and bring head to center.

I hope you don't have to much trouble with the sheet, believe me its just as difficult to write as well as read. Once you have the dance its very easy, DON'T LET THE ARM MOVEMENTS PUT YOU OFF!!!